Terms of Business


This page outlines the terms of business associated with the engagement of O.P. Construction Limited’s services.


a. The services provided to the Prospective Customer are as stated in any/all quotations issued following an initial consultation.

b. A quotation will detail all recommended labour/materials (where applicable) for the associated work.

c. The Prospective Customer should inform the Company should any amendments or variations be made to a project, in advance of commencement, so a revised quotation can be delivered.

d. Engagement of Services will act as a formal acceptance of a written quotation.

e. The Company may engage third party organisations to deliver some aspects of the work quoted.

f. If a Customer requests work that is not in line with Company recommendations (e.g. omitting sufficient insulation in extension projects), the Company accepts no responsibility for any issues that arise as a result of this (e.g. damp or cold environment).

g. The Company may refuse to provide services requested by the Customer if this is not deemed to be safe, reliable or efficient. This will be communicated to the Customer at the earliest opportunity and recommendations will be made for alternative solutions, which may require a project change and revised quotation.


a. The Company will communicate an estimated timeline for delivery prior to commencement of works.

b. Whilst every effort will be made to meet communicated timescales or deadlines, there may be instances where this is not possible due to weather, unanticipated issues with the project or similar.


a. The Company will undertake to have regular project updates with the Customer (where possible) to communicate progress and any potential issues.

b. It is the responsibility of the Customer to regularly review the work completed and communicate any issues to the Company within 3 working days.

c. The Company will aim to rectify any issues identified (where reasonable and resulting from the work completed by the Company) within 15 working days.

d. Additional works may be requested by the customer during a project however when not included in a written and formal quote, this additional work will incur additional charges, as stated in point 4a below. The Company will communicate the timeframes for completion of additional works before commencing work to ensure the Customer does not experience any unexpected delays based on the Company’s existing schedule.


a. Additional work requested and not included on a formal quotation will be charged at a standard rate of £20 per hour for labour completed, plus the cost of all materials.

b. Full payment is due on completion of works and a full invoice will be issued to the Customer (unless point 3b. applies).

c. For large projects, the Company may request stage payments to cover the costs of materials and work completed, and this will be detailed in a quotation, where possible. In this instance, invoices will be issued at each stage and the final invoice will cover all remaining labour/material charges.

d. In the event of a late payment (payment outstanding 7 calendar days after invoice date), the Company reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 5% per week.

e. If the Company is no longer able to deliver the agreed services, this will be communicated to the Customer at the earliest opportunity and any incomplete work will be progressed as far as possible before the Company ceases work. Final invoices will only reflect the work undertaken.

f. If the Customer wishes to terminate the engagement of the Company’s services, they should communicate this to the Company immediately in writing. The Customer will be responsible for the cost of all labour/materials provided to date and an invoice will be issued to communicate these costs to the Customer. Full payment will be due immediately following issue of invoice. Late payment terms apply as stated in point 4c.

g. The Company will own any unused materials until the applicable invoice is paid and reserves the right to remove any remaining material from a project if payment is not received.


a. All work will be insured in line with the Public Liability Insurance in place at the time of completion.

b. Proof of Public Liability Insurance can be provided on request.

These terms will be signed by both prties prior to any work being carried out.